French Speaking

French is far from being the language of France only : more than 200million people speak French around the globe. French is the main language or one of the main languages in more than 30 countries across the five continents. It is also the second language in the world by the number of countries that have adopted it as an official or administrative language.

We using a communicative approach with modern material our courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) : the level you acquire is internationally recognized, a useful advantage should you be a full-time student or learning French for professional reasons.

Notably, as an adult, a teenager or a child, you are now able:

  • easily transfer from one Alliance Française centre to another, owing to an internationally recognized standard for French language teaching and learning
  • be aware of and better measure your degree of proficiency at all times, allowing you to write exams for international diplomas, tests and accredidations with confidence
  • centre your language instruction around your personal and professional objectives

For each level, the objectif are set out in the Proficiency Scale of the Council using the four language skills (listenning, speaking, reading and writing). Classroom situations correspond to the contexts in wich students may find themselves in real life.

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